Impact & Purpose

We believe the success of our business and our community is measured by more than ski lessons delivered, but by the impact we make. The drive for development and positive change is at the heart of everything we do. From working with our clients in our ski school to our instructor training programs, to pushing our own skiing. But it goes beyond this.

We strive to create positive change, not only in the ski industry but also in the wider world.

We want you to know that the money you spend with us not only helps you achieve your personal goals, but benefits others as well.

For every hour of instruction given, we donate one day of education to a child in need.

We started our One for One Education Promise in 2017 and it continues today. Since then you’ve enabled us to provide over 141, 100 days of education to children in Chennai, India. B1G1 and the Hope Foundation make this possible. Every time you take ski or board lesson with us, you’re helping us create positive change in the world.

Why education?

Education, learning and development is at the heart of what we do. We believe that providing education to children who may not receive it, while we’re helping you learn something new on the slopes, aligned perfectly for New Gen. Education is key in helping children and communities get out of poverty, and we believe this is an important cause to focus on. Check out our video to learn more.

Snow Day for Child Refugees

In 2017 we hosted our first Snow Day for child refugees living near Annecy, France. This fun-filled day is an opportunity for our team to share their love for skiing with kids who might not otherwise have the chance to enjoy it. Our Snow Days include sledging, face painting, climbing, and of course skiing!

Instructors & off-hill staff donate their time to make this day possible. Along with the help of many donations from local partners including S3V, Courchevel Mairie, Ski Higher & White Storm.

We’ve now hosted 4 Annual Snow Days since 2017 (missing winter 2021 unfortunately) and plan to continue them post-pandemic.

Read about our latest Snow Day in (early!) March 2020

Snow-Camp National Youth Charity

We’re proud partners of Snow-Camp, one of the UK’s most innovative charities dedicated to changing the lives of inner-city young people with snowsports.

What do they do?

Each year, around 1,000 inner-city youth in the UK take part in Snow-Camp’s programmes. They engage young people through skiing and snowboarding to provide life-skills training and mental health support, while enabling them to gain qualifications and employment in the snowsports industry and beyond.

How do we help?

We raise money for Snow-Camp. For every £100 raised, a new young person benefits from Snow-Camp’s life-changing beginner programme. We feel very lucky to work in the ski industry and the mountains. The money raised broadens the horizons of young people that otherwise wouldn’t have such opportunities.


New Generation is a life-long member of Buy1Give1 (B1G1). This social enterprise enables us to integrate charitable giving into our daily business activities.

What do they do?

B1G1 links us with hundreds of small grassroots charities around the world. We then align our giving with what is happening internally at New Gen. Whether it’s through supporting a youth development programme on behalf of all the children skiing with us in a given month, or planting seeds on behalf of all beginners joining us for the first time.

Since joining B1G1 in 2015 we’ve made over 450,000 positive impacts so far.

Our Pledge: Net Zero by 2028

We’re proud to be the first ski school to take the Protect Our Winters UK Pledge! By taking the POW Pledge, we’ve committed to being Net Zero by 2028. The Pledge is a framework that helps organisations take climate action by addressing the eight most impactful areas of business.

Currently, we’re focused on reviewing our entire business operations and all the greenhouse gas emissions that we contribute to. We will then be systematically eliminating them so that we can hit our Net Zero target.

As ski industry professionals, we have an obligation to do everything we can to protect our planet. We want to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy skiing as we are able to, and keep our climate to +2°C.

Circular Uniforms

In the past, we’ve donated our old uniforms to refugees struggling with the winter temperatures across Europe.

However, we also had a large number of excess uniforms that were out of date, yet never worn! We knew we could repurpose them, which is where our friends at One Tree came in. They’re giving our uniforms a second life and re-selling them.

On the One Tree blog – read about New Gen’s circular uniforms.

Circular Uniforms

Tree Planting

We off-set the environmental impact of the printing we do each winter via tree planting. We’ve planted a tree grove with Trees for Life. We planted 17 trees in the Scottish Highlands, and we plan to continuously add to ‘our grove’ and watch it grow over time.

Trees for Life

Our Impact In Numbers

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