Developer Sessions

Developer Sessions

If you’re an intermediate or advanced skier or boarder and are looking for a refresher session then our Developer Sessions could be the perfect thing for you. We have a selection of ski and snowboard developer sessions aimed at higher level skiers and boarders who perhaps haven’t had lessons in a while, have picked up bad habits or want to learn a new skill.

If you are more interested in a private ski or snowboard lesson then take a look at our private ski or snowboard lessons.

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Coaching rather than teaching for intermediates to advanced

Iron out bad habits without being stuck in lessons all week

Focused sessions to help you reach the next level

Up your game or learn a new skill

Ski & Snowboard Clinics

Clinics are suitable for blue run parallel skiers and blue run boarders, right up to aspiring instructors. Refresh and develop your skills with two focused sessions during the week. Great to iron out bad habits, help you move off a plateau or become proficient on all terrain. Since it is only two afternoons you have plenty of time to ski with friends, or practice.

Backcountry Skills

Backcountry Skills sessions offer something different for those looking to explore outside the piste markers. Choose from Intro to Off Piste or Intro to Ski Touring/Split Boarding. Our Backcountry Skills courses run in two session blocks. The first 2hr lesson is designed to develop your skills, confidence and technique. Then the second 4hr session gives you the opportunity to put these skills to the test off piste, with a coach on hand to give you some tips and guidance along the way. Suitable for advanced skiers and boarders.