Adult Ski Levels

What Ski Level are you?

Not sure what ski level you are? Check out our adult ski levels guide to find out what lesson or experience would be best for you. We offer everything from adult group ski lessons, to Ski and Snowboard Clinics if you’re looking to get off of a plateau, as well as Backcountry Skills courses for those looking to try something new.

It’s really important for the New Generation team to put you in the right ski lesson. We want to ensure you get the most fun and improvement out of your time on the hill. Take a closer look at our adult ski level videos to help decide on your level before booking your ski lesson.

Once you are happy with your level, choose your ski resort and book the right ski lesson for you.

Don’t forget, we have a great selection of videos for children’s ski levels and snowboard levels as well, for the rest of your party.

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Ski Level 1

This is my first time. I have never put skis on before either on snow or on a dry slope.

Aim: To become proficient snowplough turners on easy slopes / enjoying skiing!

We recommend

Adult Group Lessons or Private Lessons

Ski Level 2

I’ve tried skiing before, on snow or on a dry slope. I have started to snowplough turn on the nursery slopes.

I’ve been on skis before but I am virtually a beginner. I understand what a snowplough is and have started to snowplough turn on a green/beginner slope. In some circumstances I am a nervous beginner who has had some basic lessons but would like to revisit the basics.

Aim: To be comfortable snowploughing on green and some blue runs at end of the week. To have started to learn plough parallel

We recommend

Adult Group Lessons or Private Lessons

Ski Level 3

I am confident snowploughing on green and blue runs and my skis are sometimes parallel towards the end of the turn.

I’ve normally skied for a week. In some circumstances I am a nervous skier who can parallel but wants to build confidence.

Aim: To be skiing groomed blue runs with skis parallel and perhaps tried a red/steeper run.

We recommend

Adult Group Lessons or Private Lessons

Ski Level 4

I’m nearly parallel but often still use a small plough to start the turn.

I feel very comfortable on blue runs but feel my technique and my ability to stay parallel suffers when conditions gets tricky. I may have skied one or (more commonly) several weeks skiing.

Aim:  To be parallel turning and skiing more comfortably on steeper groomed runs, including some more difficult blue and red runs.

We recommend

Adult Group Lessons, Private Lessons, or Clinics

Ski Level 5

I’m a competent parallel skier and can ski red runs in good conditions. But I struggle when it gets bumpy, steeper, icy or the snow gets deep.

I’ve done a few weeks skiing. I can always ski parallel on blues and reds in good conditions, and can get around the mountain easily.  I know it is time to broaden my technique and develop more adaptability. I’m ready to learn on steeper pistes.

Aim: To be skiing parallel with more confidence on steeper groomed runs and starting to explore more of the mountain, including black piste runs.

Advice from our Ski Instructors
“Don’t worry about repeating Levels 4 & 5. Your skiing (and confidence) will be much stronger if you perfect your on-piste technique before launching yourself onto the more challenging slopes.”

We recommend

Adult Group Lessons, Private Lessons, Clinics, Find Your Ski Legs or Piste Explorer

Ski Level 6

I’m an advanced parallel skier that can ski all reds, and blacks as well, providing they’re not too steep or bumpy.

I’ve skied 8 weeks or more. I am comfortable on black runs although my technique could still do with some work. I’m happy on piste but would like to learn more about skiing off-piste, bumps and other variable terrain.

Aim: To have a wider selection of skills available to ski steeper and more variable slopes.

We recommend

Clinics, Private Lessons, or Piste Explorer

Ski Level 7

I can ski most places. Black runs are no problem and I enjoy off-piste and itinerary runs.

I’m a very experienced skier and I’ve probably skied more than 16 weeks. I like to go fast.

Aim: To have developed my skills, understanding and adaptability in challenging and variable terrain

We Recommend

Clinics, Private Lessons, or Off-Piste Explorer

Choose the right Ski or Snowboard Lesson

Now you know your level choose the right lesson for you. We have a great selection of lessons for beginners right up to advanced adventurers!