We know how important it is to put you in the right ski lesson based on your ability. Find your ski level with our handy guide and videos to help you select the right lesson or adventure for your ability. The levels describe what level you are currently at and what you can already do, not what you will be learning in the lessons.

Then, once you’ve determined your level, find out what adult groups, clinics and private lessons we have on offer.

  • Level 1

    This is my first time. Video

  • Level 2

    I can snowplough turn competently on green runs. Video

  • Level 3

    I’m comfortable on blue runs. I’m no longer a plough turner but I’m not quite parallel. Video

  • Level 4

    I can already consistently perform basic parallel turns and feel happy on groomed red runs. Video

  • Level 5

    I’m happy tackling all pistes in a confident parallel. Video

  • Level 6

    I’m happy skiing everywhere parallel, and in varying conditions on or off-piste, steep or bumpy. Video

Still not sure? Scroll down to view our ski level guide videos, as well what type of lessons we recommend for each level.