There really is nothing better than the feel of fresh snow under your skis. That feeling of floating through powder, with barely a skier in sight….If you’re an intermediate or advanced skier or boarder keen to get off the beaten track, why not join us for an off-piste adventure, and really explore your resort? Or if you haven’t ventured off-piste yet and want to give it a go, we’ve got something for you.

Off-piste skiing is the ultimate adventure, getting fresh tracks and getting away from the crowds. We offer both off-piste lessons and off-piste guiding.  So whether you’ve never ventured outside of the piste markers, or you’re looking for hidden powder stashes, we’ll help you find fresh tracks and teach you to ski them with style.

Please note, avalanche safety equipment will be required for most off-piste lessons unless you’re learning technique around the piste markers. If you do not have your own we may have some we can loan you, or we can advise you where you can hire it. And while we really love taking you on these adventures, each session is condition dependent and the safety of you and our instructors is paramount.

Find hidden powder stashes

With expert local knowledge we’ll help you find the best lines. Timing it right for hero snow.

Your safety first

Our fully qualified and experienced off-piste team have expert local knowledge of the conditions and snowpack to maximise your safety.

Get off the beaten track

If you fancy a real adventure on your next holiday, away from the piste markers then join us for an off-piste adventure.

Book your off-piste lesson

  • Off-Piste Private Lesson
  • From 2hrs to all day
  • 1-6 people recommended
  • Recommended for Level 5+ skiers
    Level 4+ boarders
  • Avalanche safety equipment will usually be required
  • From 155*
  • Off-Piste Clinic
  • 2 days x 2.5hrs
  • 2-6 per clinic
  • Level 5+ skiers
    Level 4+ boarders
  • Avalanche safety equipment will usually be required
  • 150

*For 2hrs. Prices are resort dependent. Contact us for correct prices in your resort, or see the private lesson page.

Please note: We are unable to provide off-piste lessons in La Plagne at this time.

  • Off-Piste Level 1

    I’m happy skiing or boarding on all pistes. I can link turns and stop safely on steep slopes. I’m physically fit and have a go-getter attitude.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 5 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: 0-3 weeks

  • Off-Piste Level 2

    I’m happy and confident skiing or snowboarding off-piste in moderate terrain.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 10 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: Min. 3 weeks with a guide

  • Off-Piste Level 3

    I’m happy skiing or snowboarding off-piste in all conditions including steep terrain and narrow couloirs. I thoroughly understand off-piste safety procedures and have practised with avalanche safety equipment.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 15 weeks.

    Off-Piste Experience: More than 6 weeks

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