Rob Wilhelmsson

Rob Wilhelmsson - Verbier Ski Instructor

Rob Wilhelmsson

Ski Instructor, Verbier

My Story

I’ve been skiing since I was 2 and on snow even earlier in my dad’s backpack as he took me down the slopes with just my head poking out. I grew up in Geneva at the base of the Jura hills so was hooked on skiing pretty instantly. Since working for New Generation I worked up to getting my BASI Level 4 and Swiss Snowsport Patent which is the highest level in the Swiss skiing system and am now a part of the training team in Verbier where I have been for the past 4 Winters.


Seeing people improve is as rewarding to me as the person getting the reward, and as a qualified Freestyle coach and there is nothing better than seeing someone land their first move!


Languages Spoken


French (conversational)

Top Tip

Learn how to fall and get up! Once you know that falling isn’t that bad you’ll be a lot more willing to push yourself to try newer and harder skills.


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