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ski touring in tines

Picture yourself hiking off the pisted runs and deep into the mountains? Seek a bit of serenity and a challenge at the same time? Dreaming of getting first tracks down untouched snow? 

Well, friends, ski touring might be the way to get what you’re looking for.

Touring has really picked up mainstream popularity in the last few years. What used to be seen as something for only the ultra-fit or most hardcore skiers, is now trickling it’s way into a larger crowd and becoming a go-to sport in the mountains.

Why is this? We think it might have something to do with the effort to reward ratio: aka, so worth it. Well and a few other reasons. We’re offering a new Ski Touring in Tignes course this winter, and here’s why you should check it out.

Ski Touring in Tignes

1. Find some serenity

Every year hundreds of thousands of people ascend to the mountains for their annual snow fix. And the majority of them stick to the pistes! Touring is an option that allows you to get away from other skiers and find a bit of serenity. It’s the perfect opportunity to find some peacefulness and a connection to nature and the environment around you.

Touring in Tignes

2. Get back to nature

You can find a lot of calm in touring. Just you, your friends, the mountains, and if you’re lucky a few members of the local wildlife. It’s a rare chance to enjoy the peacefulness and wildness of the mountains in their true form. Every snowsports enthusiast should experience it at least once!

3. The mountains look different when you tour

Touring gives you the opportunity to see your favorite resorts from a completely different perspective. Whether it’s venturing to see what’s on the other side of a mountain not accessible by lifts or opening up a whole new valley, you get to feel like your very own Christopher Columbus discovering and exploring new territory (but on skis!).

4. Earn your turns

Many people like the ease of hopping on a lift to reach their desired runs but there’s something extremely rewarding about walking uphill to get your required tracks. The uphill is great for fitness, it’s sociable and it allows sufficient time to enjoy the scenery and scout out the areas you want to ski. You feel a real sense of achievement and savor each and every one of those turns going down. Perhaps, more importantly, you earn that après beer and three-course meal at the end of it all!

5. Tignes…

So why Tignes? Tignes sits in the heart of the Espace Killy – one of the largest and most famous ski areas in the world. Tignes, the higher of the two resorts that make up the Espace Killy, gives quick and easy access to a huge amount of backcountry touring areas.

Whatever your level, there is a range of tours for everyone. Whether you’d like to pop to a remote mountain hut for a rustic alpine lunch or to venture further afield (it’s even possible to tour over to Paradiski!) we will find the tours for you. As we sit at a high elevation, there are still amazing touring opportunities well into spring. This year there was plenty of touring to be enjoyed at the end of May – that could almost justify two ski trips!

Keen to get out into it this winter? We’re running a selection of lift-free lessons. SO whatever you’re into, get your friends together and enjoy some earned turns.