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Heading to Morzine but not sure where to head? Looking for the best runs, best coffee and perfect spot for a photo opportunity? Our local team shares their perfect day in Morzine.

The Perfect Day in Morzine

Looking out onto the beauty and vastness of the snow-capped peaks that seem seconds away, with the sun rearing it’s head just above the tops of the mountains. Its mornings like these, which truly set you up for the perfect day.

Winter arrives in Morzine

Start the day off right

A coffee and croissant from Beanies is where I like to ideally start my day, I have yet to be disappointed by their quality, service, and atmosphere. A short walk away just through the town centre is a lift called the ‘Super-Morzine’, a small yet efficient bubble lift which places you in the super morzine ski area, and if you like to prep for the day ahead, the runs around this area are quite mellow and a great place to warm up the legs!

perfect day in morzine

Ski around the best spots

After taking the Zore lift, a quick ride down a calm green run to the Proclou chairlift is my sure fire way to get into Avoriaz as quickly as possible whilst maximising slope time all in one go. Top Tip: You can also come back this way and I believe it beats the bus any day!

After getting off this chairlift lies the real challenge: deciding where to go next. My usual go to area if the snow is good would be a few laps around Prolays, where there are wide open pistes, tree-runs, and a few cool side-hits on the way down to the Linderets bowl. And here’s where the real fun begins.

From the Linderets bowl there are four lifts: Chaux-Fleuri, Lechere, Prolays and Lindarets. Each one takes you to a different area of the Portes du Soleil. Want to visit the Burton Stash off-piste park? Go ride the Chapelle snow park? Venture over into Switzerland? You can do all this and so much more from this area alone.

If the snow conditions are just too nice to spend the day in the park, then from here I will most likely take the Chaux-Fleuri chairlift which puts you at the top of some fantastic off piste runs and some good red pistes, which lead back down to the lifts in Linderets. However if sight-seeing and covering some ground is more the task for the day, then instead of heading back down, you can drop down into Chatel.

After a cruise around the wide pistes of Chatel it’s usually time my belly starts to growl which means it’s time for some lunch.


Get some grub

You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to food. You would have to be a millionaire with all the time in the world to visit every eatery in the area (and if this is the case I’d be happy to join you!). But in my experience, these are my preferences.

The Brasserie, just down the slopes from where we started (after getting off Proclou lift), serves incredible chicken nuggets with chips (my inner child seriously loves this place!). And other than the great food and reasonably priced drinks, this place pretty much has the sun all day long. Complete with deck chairs for that much needed afternoon lounge! It’s also easy to find with it’s great eagle statue just outside. Also a great meeting point if you’re unsure of your surroundings!

A little further down the hill from the brasserie is actually a Carrefour supermarket, and here you can buy all amenities. Plus if you are not in the mood for a sit down meal, or are on a tight budget this is a great place to grab a sandwich, drink and some fruit for less than €5!


Round two on the hill

Once lunch has settled and the lactic acid is ready for round two, it is time to move on…

Usually the afternoons are the time when I would go ride the park, and usually it would be the Chapelle park just at the top of the Linderets lift (back where we started again), and for the avid freestyler this park is perfect; always in the sun, great big speakers playing music, and an awesome friendly atmosphere, not to mention professionally shaped features such as rails, boxes, and kickers. I consider it my home from home.

If freestyle is not your bag, then there is still much more to discuss…

Up in the main area of Avoriaz (where the Prodains lift drops you) you can take the Stade or Lac-intrets lifts, then follow one run through the valley and end up in the Fornet area. The Fornet lift takes you to the top of what I believe to be another gem of Avoriaz, this being the free-ride areas, or snow-cross runs. These are un-pisted runs which run parallel to the main pistes, which makes them fairly easy to navigate, and you can be sure you won’t get lost as you can pretty much see where the pistes are the whole time.

Usually by this time in the day, a lot of ground has been covered, and my legs tremble at the thought of another run, and so it is time to head back down into Morzine town. But the fun does not stop there.

portes du soleil

And end the day with a yummy beverage

There are countless bars and restaurants in central Morzine, and happy hour is usually from 16:00-19:00 where you can get a pint for between €3 and €4 (result!) but my all- time favourite place to finish a hard day on the mountain is a bar/restaurant called ‘O’Chalet’. The staff here are great; super friendly, helpful, and such a good laugh. The food is amazing, and it’s the only place I’ve been asked how I would like my burger (try the medium, you won’t be disappointed). There is a big screen TV always-playing red bull TV that at this time of year is usually broadcasting skiing and snowboarding events. There is a fire always blazing to keep you toasty and warm, plus great music playing which really does make the atmosphere that much more special.

But this is just ours – what’s your perfect day in Morzine?