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Where would we be without the internet? You can find an answer for everything, a solution for every problem, and lots of tips and tricks along the way. They may not always be credible, but these ski videos are. If you’re looking to perfect a new skill or just want to refresh yourself a bit before you come on holiday, YouTube is a great place to start for a plethora of ski how-to’s! We’ve picked out our favourites.

5 Videos to Help You Become a Better Skier

Perfect that Parallel Turn

The first milestone that all beginners are eager to hit: the parallel turn! If you’re struggling to keep your skis totally parallel in your turns, this video had some great tips.


How to Carve

Carving is one of the best ways to stay in control on lots of different terrain all over the mountain. This video helps you focus on 2 simple elements of the turn.


Body Balance

An old classic from the New Gen archives. Our founder Tom Saxlund shares how to get the balance in your body with a drill to test your own balance.


Bash that Box Slide

Is the park more your place? Watch this video to learn how to do a box slide on skis, including how to approach it and how to get that slide in without falling off.


Become a Master of the Moguls

If you’re a more advanced skier, you may be looking to push new skills and venture out to new parts of the mountain. If the moguls have ever inticed you

Know of any other good ski tip videos? We’d love to hear from you.

Truth be told though, no amount of YouTube videos can beat in-person instruction – on the mountain, planks on. Join us for a session on the snow this winter.