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What is a perfect day in La Tania like? Our own Jess shares her perfect day in resort.

The Perfect Day in La Tania


Alarm, shower and ski gear have happened… The only thing left to do before hitting the slopes is my favourite meal of the day: BREAKFAST! After manoeuvring myself in my ski boots like a transformer across the main street, I have arrived at my first stop of the day. As I stand in La Saucisse (the deli and café in the centre of La Tania) I’m having last minute doubts… What if my plan of a sausage sandwich isn’t the perfect way to start the day after all?! Then Ted arrives, asks Beth if, by any chance it’s possible to get a bacon or sausage sandwich… the relief on his face is palpable: YES! This is how we start the day in LT.


After quickly polishing off brekkie with a cup of coffee, I clomp out towards the piste, collecting my skis on the way. Skis on and I’m in time for one of the first bubble lifts of the day. Once out of the lift, my skis are on and I’m off down Stade. The snow is lush, trees are surrounding me and it’s a gorgeous whizz down to the Bouc Blanc chairlift. I love the chair lifts. Amazing views, skis can stay on and the air on my face – beats a bubble every time.


Top of La Tania and it’s a choice of routes down the mountain. Today I’m feeling energized and I’m going Chenus down to 1850, making my way across towards 1650. Pause at the top of Saulire for the most awesome panorama, moment of feeling humbled and lucky, then skis back on and down Swisses (a fun but friendly black run). After some more ups and downs, I start heading back towards La Tania to refuel.


I’ve flown down Arolles, choosing the blue option whilst my attention was distracted by a rumbling tummy and a pre-occupation with food, and am now at the moment of truth, the question of the day, the big issue: Bouc Blanc Restaurant for a big lunch with mountain views or crepes whilst people-watching at the bottom of the piste? IT’S SO DIFFICULT!!! But people watching wins, on the basis that I’m promising myself a pit-stop later. So, I’m off down Stade and Folyeres (my favourite blue in the area) in the direction of lunch.


Red cheeks are accompanying me to the Creperie les Chanterelles for frites, vin chaud and a Crepe Normande (apples, caramel, chantilly and flaming calvados) in the sunshine. H.E.A.V.E.N.


I’m reborn and ready to attack the mountain again. Feeling like a playabout in La Tania to warm up and work off lunch. Bubble up and a pretty tour through the trees down Plan Fontaine – the most scenic and exciting green in the area. Legs warmed up and back on the bubble. Next jaunt is the red run Bouc Blanc followed by one of my faves – Murettes, a fabulous red down to Le Praz. Then, up Foret and a moment to pause for a quick Chocolate Chaud at the Bouc Blanc restaurant. Last time I was here, I treated myself to the best Café Gormand on the mountain, and I’m enjoying remembering it now.

Bouc blanc cafe gormand


After my cheeky hot wine, I’m making the most of our perfect location – easy route to Courch in the morning, equally easy to Meribel in the afternoon. It’s Dou des Lanches up to another stunning view of the valley, and then I’m taking the dragon route down Pic Bleu and feeling a bit like I’ve skied into a storybook. There are some great blues and greens around here so it’s a good place to play about for a while, eventually heading up the Saulire Express and skiing down to Folie for refreshments, dancing, entertainment and the last of the sunshine over beautiful mountain views.


Time to ski home! Down to the chairlift Loze, up over the dragons and I’m back to the top of La Tania. I love this next bit… down Dou des Lanches (a racy black run) to Stade and finally, crowning the day with Folyeres to town.

on dou des lanches chair


La Tania is a brilliant spot, not only for the slopes and the snacks but also for the Apres! Today is Thursday. That means the band Bring Your Sister’s at Ski Lodge – I love the atmosphere here, I can get out the best ski boot dance moves for the perfect finish to a fantastic day.

Winning at life

– Jess