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become a better skier

We suspect that most skiers have a secret – or not so secret – desire to be better than they are. ‘If I could just keep up with the group’ , ‘if I could just not hold everyone back’, ‘If I just feel a little more confident’. These are a just a few common phrases we hear throughout the winter season. We might have a solution for you. The holiday skiing conundrum of ‘I want to get better but I am also on holiday and don’t want a lesson every day’ is one we hear often. And our clinics might just help you become a better skier.

How to Become a Better Skier

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Get some coaching that will push you to the next level

When you’re heading on holiday, not everyone wants a strict timetable to follow every morning. Sometimes lie-ins are needed! Some people are happy to join a group lesson and ski every morning, we understand that it isn’t for everyone.

If you’re an experienced intermediate to advanced skier, you might not have thought about how you can improve your skiing with some training. It’s easy to get beyond those beginner years, and feel ‘good enough to get around’. But getting a little bit of coaching a few times throughout the week, could really help you become a better skier.

Let us help you ski better

Our ski and snowboard clinics are that perfect extra push for intermediate to advanced skiers. Clinics run for just two 2.5 hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. These are designed to boost your skiing performance with some intensive coaching whilst not eating into your holiday. And with a day off in between, you can practice all the tips and drills your coach has given you.

Although some people come to lessons for varying reasons – to ski in company, or even to be shown around the mountain – the focus of our clinics is to make you better and more equipped to tackle the mountain. To ensure this we have an absolute maximum of 6 people per clinic.

We offer 3 levels of clinic and aim them around common plateaus that skiers often want to break through.

become a better skier

Get off the intermediate plateau

Level 4 clinics are for people on the classic intermediate plateau! It’s all about parallel skiers that are happy on friendly pistes but could do with a hand to feel confident on steeper pistes. We’ll also focus on making your on-piste technique more robust and reliable. We’ll get you there!

Push past being advanced

Level 5 clinics are all about becoming more confident on the variable conditions that you sometimes encounter on a week’s holiday. We can’t always be lucky enough to ski on perfectly groomed pistes and sometimes have to deal with steeper pitches, ice, choppy or heavy snow and bumps.

This clinic will arm you with tips and techniques to make you handle these conditions with newly found know-how. Essentially it is about making you a multi-dimensional skier, not one that can ski smooth pistes only. No longer will you say ‘ oh I can’t ski when it gets…[icy/steep/bumpy/choppy] delete as applicable.

Level up, to expert level

Level 6 is for really strong skiers, so which ‘plateau’ are we trying to smash here? Well this level of skiers are capable of skiing in most places and yearn for adventure or to test their skills in gullies, couloirs and exciting terrain or sometimes just want to head off the beaten track. However, being out only a handful of weeks a year means that perhaps they aren’t sure where to head to get the best snow and the terrain they want.

Our level 6 clinic is all about that. Ski with our expert coaches who can unlock the secrets of the mountain for you.

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Great value for money

The other advantage of clinics at New Generation is the price and the fact you can’t lose out. The price is only 150€ and if there are 2 people who sign up, then it is guaranteed to run. If there is only yourself then we will swap the clinic for one individual 2.5 hour private lesson so you get all the coaching to yourself. And you’re actually getting a private lesson for cheaper than we usually sell them! Win-win.

Want to book in a clinic for your next ski trip? Check our live lesson availability online.