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Introducing Dinoski: Awesome Kids Skiwear

Looking for some kids skiwear that's fun yet still durable & high-quality? Meet Dinoski. Our new friends have recently launched their children's winter onesie brand so that your child can stand out and look awesome on the hill (It will make…
Best Resort for Families
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8 Reasons Why La Tania is One of the Best Resort for Families

When trying to book any family holiday, you have to take into consideration what seems like an infinite list of factors.  When trying to book a family ski holiday, that list seems to double. Getting it right is a big deal, especially when you…
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How to Choose the Perfect Family Apartment in France

When planning a family ski holiday, it’s very important to choose the right resort, but it’s equally as crucial to pick the right accommodation. It’s necessary to consider location, apartment size and amenities, as well as the leisure…
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How to Survive a Family Skiing Break

Heading to the slopes for a family skiing break? There’s plenty of things you can do in advance in order to ensure you have your best trip yet. We've compiled a list of  handy hints and advice before you’ll appreciate before you brace…
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Why We Love Easter Skiing

Skiing as a family is a great activity that everyone can enjoy together, no matter if your kids are 4 years old or 24 years old! And we think Easter is the perfect time to do so. With calmer temperatures and sunnier days, in-resort activities…

Skiing Safely with Kids [Plus: How to avoid crowds]

Skiing safely with kids is one of our top priorities here at New Gen. And with school holidays being busy weeks, the slopes can get crowded. If you're heading to the Alps with your family soon, check out our top tips to stay safe on the hill.…
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Best Ski Resorts for Families

To us, a family-friendly resort needs quiet slopes and reasonable prices. It needs to have easy access to the slopes and gentle slopes for beginners. Not only do they need to be kid-friendly, but offer something for every member of the family.…
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Q&A - your ski school questions answered

Never been on a ski holiday before? Never been a particular resort before? We understand there can be a lot of questions you may have. We want to make sure that you feel prepared and have all the information at your fingertips. Turns out, a…

Children's Full-Day Ski Lessons - Ride Tribe

Lost gloves, first-morning faff, overly tired tots after a long day of travelling - sound familiar? Yes, we’ve been there bought the t-shirt and seen the screaming kids. But is that really what you remember from your child’s first ski holiday?…

The Best Kids Ski Kit Deals for February Half Term

With February half term fast approaching (phew! We've only just recovered from Christmas) lots of you are looking to your next ski holiday - February half term. We'll be posting our top tips for getting your kids ready for the ski holiday,…

A Family Affair

After a beautiful weekend you could be forgiven for thinking that summer has not completely left us for yet another year. But alas, now that October has hit, we really need to face facts - winter is on its way. And whilst we don't relish the…