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Students in an off-piste group ski lesson looking at where they will be skiing with their ski instructor
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What does Off-Piste mean?

So what is the difference between On-Piste and Off-Piste Skiing? Why do people ski off-piste? Why is off-piste skiing so highly celebrated amongst skiers? Off-piste skiing The term 'off-piste' is a french term which directly translates to…
The Best Gear to Improve Your Skiing

The Best Gear to Improve Your Skiing

Technology, design and engineering processes are advancing at the quickest rate in history, helping to improve and enhance products all over the globe. These advances are filtering through to the world of ski equipment resulting in safer, more…
Layer for skiing

How to Layer For Skiing

Oh, to master the technique of layering for a day of skiing. If you can ace it, you'll be warm, dry and happy all day long. It has taken many of us some time to get this down to a science. But if you layer for skiing properly, you'll feel totally…
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On Slope Must Have Items

'Tis the season to get new gear! Although we recommend taking care of your gear and giving it some new life when possible, we also love checking out what new gear is on the market. From hand warmers to skis, our outdoor clothing and equipment…