The Best Gear to Improve Your Skiing

Technology, design and engineering processes are advancing at the quickest rate in history, helping to improve and enhance products all over the globe. These advances are filtering through to the world of ski equipment resulting in safer, more comfortable and ability boosting gear.   Read more

ski trip packing list

Why is packing perfectly so hard?

No matter what type of holiday you’re headed off to, it always seems so hard to pack perfectly. Maybe you’re someone who always brings way too much, or maybe you’re someone who inevitably forgets an essential item. Don’t let either be the case on your winter hols this year. Our ultimate ski trip packing list covers all bases, so you don’t need to worry. Read more

how to layerfor skiing

Oh, to master the technique of layering for a day of skiing.

If you can ace it, you’ll be warm, dry and happy all day long. It has taken many of us some time to get this down to a science. But if you layer up properly, you’ll feel totally comfortable for a day out on the slopes – which makes all the difference in the world! Read more

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‘Tis the season to get new gear!

Although we recommend taking care of your gear and giving it some new life when possible, we also love checking out what new gear is on the market. From hand warmers to skis, our outdoor clothing and equipment partner Ellis-Brigham has it all. Here’s this season’s top 5 on slope must haves. Read more

high tech ski gear

As the world continues to advance technology, snow sport companies are not ones to be left behind and as such have produced a vast array of extraordinary gadgets and gizmos. Some may seem excessive but to the high tech ski gear head they are necessary to ensure as fun and comfortable a holiday as possible. Here area few of our favourites this season. Read more

We woke up with snow on the mountains this morning in the French Alps and it’s official, #winteriscoming. If you’ve already binge-watched all the new ski videos out thus far and started to up your cheese intake in preparation for the winter, it’s time to pull your gear out of storage and get it ready for the snow as well. Read more

When the snow looks as good as it does today it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and dive straight into the nearest patch of powder you can get to. But making sure you’ve got the right kit in your pack, and that you know how to use it (and read the terrain) is crucial to keeping safe in backcountry. Read more