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Why You Should Spend Summer in the Alps

So, winter’s over and summer is here... Well mostly, save for the last bits of snow still clinging onto the mountains. For the majority, summer holiday destinations include beachside locations, however, have you ever thought of coming back…

What's new for 2013/14?

With so many options for ski breaks, and competition fierce between resorts trying to attract a market struggling out of recession, now really is a great time for prospective skiers.

Ali Rainback's Annual Cycle Challenge

Those of you who have skied with us for several years may remember Ali. Ali was one of the four founding members of New Gen. He was also an awesome guy and much loved by all who met him. Sadly in 2008 we lost Ali to cancer. But each year we…

Planning the Perfect Ski Trip

Now September has landed and the kids are heading back to school summer is already starting to fade away. For skiers and boarders September is also the time when we officially begin to gear up for winter with thoughts on where to ski this season…
Waterskiing vs Skiing

Waterskiing vs Skiing - What's the difference?

What is the difference between waterskiing and skiing? Can snow ski skills transfer to waterskiing? This is what we wanted to find out. Luckily our ski instructor, Pete, was a willing guinea pig for our experiment. Waterskiing vs Skiing You…

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