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COVID-19 FAQs – Ski Holiday 20/21

Last updated 25/10/2020 If you're feeling unsure of what to expect, whether it's a good time to book or even if it's safe enough, have a read through our COVID-19 FAQs featured below. The last couple of months have been a rollercoaster for…
ski instagram accounts

5 Ski Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Instagram is the place we head for inspiration, a few laughs, and to catch up on what's going on in the ski world - around the world. We have to admit, sometimes we're guilty of spending a little bit too much time on the addictive app, but it…
Tignes Snow Level

Top 4 Things We’ve Learned This Season

The lifts have shut. Our clients have gone back to life in the UK. Team New Gen has dispersed to their summer locations. And now, we sit back and begin to reflect on the season.  This time of the year is when we recharge our batteries, and…

20 Years of New Gen Memories

As we've been reflecting back on the last 20 years of New Gen, tons of great memories have popped up in conversation. Lots of our instructors started their training with us from day one, and many team members have been around for years. We've…

20 Years of Skiing With New Gen

Jayne Mairs, Jan Rebiro, Jane Dance and Jon Dance all met and became friends years ago, when the lived in Vienna. They started coming on ski holidays to Courchevel 1650, and haven't skied anywhere since. Always the big group of them and their…
Ski Concierge Service

Introducing: Ski Concierge Service

This year New Generation have launched their Ski Concierge Service, headed up in Courchevel 1850 by Andrea Vitton. We sat down for a chocolat chaud with Andrea to find out more about the man behind the logo, and what makes Ski Concierge Service…
indoor vs. dry ski slopes

Riding in the UK: Indoor vs. Dry Ski Slopes

Living in a Great Britain unfortunately limits your access to home based mountain resorts, fact! Thankfully we inventive Brits have built an amazing community of artificial indoor and outdoor slopes that are open all year round. We've mentioned…
Ski Style

The Evolution of Ski Style

Ski Style Through the Ages Ski style has changed a lot since it's origins. Outfits that to us today look ridiculous, were at one point stylish and practical. Ski style has largely been influenced by functionality (warmth, ease of movement)…
Eddie the Eagle

Life Lessons to Learn from Eddie the Eagle

Five skiing life lessons to learn from the Eddie The Eagle movie The ultimate underdog real life story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, who managed to make it to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games despite being entirely self funded, will be making…
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