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Plan Before Your Holiday in The 3 Valleys

There’s nothing quite like heading out on holiday knowing that absolutely every box has been ticked, leaving nothing to do other than relax and enjoy. This is especially so when heading out on a ski holiday to the Three Valleys. Finishing off all the details is what can make an active family holiday where proper planning produces pure perfection.

Of course, some considerations take priority over others depending on what kind of holiday you’re out for. But as far as the experts at Alpine Infusion are concerned, these are the five most important things to plan before heading out to the Three Valleys.

1. Accommodation

Well, first of all, you want to make sure you’ve booked yourself the right accommodation. It’s one thing to reserve a room in a decent hotel, but staying in one of the finest luxury chalets the Three Valleys has to offer makes for an entirely different holiday. There are so many outstanding luxury catered chalets in Meribel and across the region in general that compromise really doesn’t have to creep into the equation. Book as far in advance as possible for the best available deals and consider a variety of luxury extras, just to sweeten the deal a little further.


Alpine Infusion’s Chalet Genepi

2. Equipment Hire

Rather than simply settling for what’s available at the time of your arrival, it’s a much better idea to arrange equipment rental ahead of time. This way you can ensure you get the best gear the resort has to offer and the gear ideally suited to every member of your party. And once again, booking in advance more often than not facilitates the lowest possible prices paid.


3. Ski Lessons

If any member of your group will require lessons during your trip, this is something else you’ll be more than glad you arranged in advance. If you’re looking to get the most of your time on the slopes – no matter what skill level – a lesson will give you just that. Booking ski lessons in advance saves valuable time during your holiday that can be better spent on the slopes or in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly.

4. Childcare

Something to be aware of is the fact that many accommodation providers have a very different idea of what ‘family friendly’ really means. With Alpine Infusion, for example, available services stretch to everything from a range of outstanding entertainment amenities to individually crafted children’s menus to nanny services to provision of all essential baby-furniture and so much more. When taking kids along for the ride, it is never a good idea to simply assume the family-friendly box will be ticked on your behalf…it pays to be sure!

Childcare plan before your holiday

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5. Beauty & Massage

Lastly, all that hard work on the slopes is the perfect excuse for indulging in a professional massage session or the beauty treatments of your choice. There’s really no better way of unwinding and relaxing after a hard day skiing than in the surroundings of a world-class spa. This is exactly the kind of thing that gives you one more thing to look forward to ahead of your trip…so why not book in advance? This will not be something you regret having arranged.

Have we left anything out? Let us know what you make sure to book in advance in the comments below. And we’ll see ya on the slopes!

Guest blog post from Annalisa at Alpine Infusion.