Ski & Snowboard Group Lessons

Sharing an experience with someone makes it that much more enjoyable, and gives you something to look back and together and reminisce about. Which is why we love group ski & snowboard lessons. Not only are they perfect for beginners to intermediates to learn a little bit each day during the week, but they’ll bring you together with people of a similar level in a sociable setting.

We offer group lessons for children, teens, and adults, with week-long or weekend courses. Our group lessons often run during the morning, leaving you plenty of time to ski with family or friends (or practice!) during the afternoon.

If you are more interested in a one-on-one session or private ski lesson for you and a friend then take a look at our private ski & snowboard lessons.

Adult group ski lessons are our most popular form of lesson. They are great if you’re trying skiing for the first time, or you want to develop from a beginner into a confident intermediate. You get a little bit of coaching each morning, and then you are free for the rest of the day to ski with family and friends or to get in some all-important practice.

During the week our New Generation instructors will help you develop your understanding of ski technique, exploring not just the how but also the why, building your confidence and helping you to achieve your goals. And you get to ski with other people of your level, which makes it fun. You are on holiday after all!

Find your adult ski level.

We have a full pathway of children’s group ski lessons, from our little 4-year-old Whippersnappers, through to competent all mountain teenage skiers (yes, we know, they get better than you very quickly!). Our children’s ski lessons run during the school holidays and on request. The emphasis is always on learning through play and a fun environment, with our key focus on:

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Improvement

For over 20 years we have helped thousands of children grow into competent skiers who love skiing. Here at New Gen, we think that there are some cornerstone principles around which we base our children’s lessons. And we know how important that first experience on snow is.

Find your child’s ski level.

Are your teens already out-skiing you? We know there can be a huge gap between children and teens, in skiing as well as attitude and size! So here at New Generation we are excited to offer something new this year, Pro Rider teen group ski lessons.

These small group sessions are perfect for teens who have outgrown kids groups, and want to have fun and blast about with others their own age.

During this week-long course, each day of the week the group will focus on a different aspect of skiing: find your ski legs, ski racing, off-piste and avalanche safety, freestyle and close out the week on a group choice. They’ll probably teach us a few tricks along the way!

The New Generation team is passionate about snowboarding – they are available to teach everyone from beginner to expert, from park demon to powder hound. Our group courses are perfect for beginner to intermediate snowboarders who are keen to learn the basics before they explore further afield.

Find your snowboard level.

Heading to the slopes for a quick weekend? Our 3-day weekend group ski or snowboard lessons are perfect for your short break. Perfect for beginners and lower intermediates to learn to ski or board and develop technique in a social setting, which is made to fit right into your weekend schedule.

Weekend group lessons run for just 2hrs a day, so you’ll have plenty of time to ski with friends and family over the rest of the weekend.