Are your teens already out-skiing you? While they have probably outgrown kids groups, they might not want to be stuck with adults all week. Which is why we’ve introduced a specialised Pro Rider teen group. Pro Rider groups will give your teen the opportunity to learn and develop in different areas of skiing in a fun environment with others their age.

During this week-long course, each day of the week the group will focus on a different aspect of skiing:

  • Find Your Ski Legs – The first day is focused on getting back into the rhythm of skiing and warming up those legs.
  • Ski Racing – One day of the week they’ll get a taste of what the pros do and learn the basics of ski racing.
  • Freestyle – Another day will be spent in the park focused on freestyle skiing. They’ll be hitting the boxes and learning new jumps – and maybe teaching us a thing or two!
  • Avalanche Safety & Off-Piste Skiing – A third day will be spent learning avalanche safety basics and then they’ll head off-piste to find some fresh snow.
  • Group Choice – On the final day, the group can choose to focus on a highlight of the week, or make the most of the current conditions.

Our Pro Rider teen groups are for level 6 skiers, aged 13-17yrs.