Teen Ski Lessons

Are your teens already out-skiing you? While they have probably outgrown kids groups, they might not want to be stuck with adults all week. Which is why we’ve introduced a specialised Pro Rider teen group. Pro Rider groups will give your teen the opportunity to learn and develop in different areas of skiing in a fun environment with others their age.

During this week-long course, each day of the week the group will focus on a different aspect of skiing:

  • Find Your Ski Legs – The first day is focused on getting back into the rhythm of skiing and warming up those legs.
  • Ski Racing – One day of the week they’ll get a taste of what the pros do and learn the basics of ski racing.
  • Freestyle – Another day will be spent in the park focused on freestyle skiing. They’ll be hitting the boxes and learning new jumps – and maybe teaching us a thing or two!
  • Avalanche Safety & Off-Piste Skiing – A third day will be spent learning avalanche safety basics and then they’ll head off-piste to find some fresh snow.
  • Group Choice – On the final day, the group can choose to focus on a highlight of the week, or make the most of the current conditions.

Our Pro Rider teen groups are for level 6 skiers, aged 13-17yrs.

Fun-packed weeks

With varied sessions covering all aspects of skiing we’ll keep your teens amused, and help them progress. Without them feeling like they’re stuck in the classroom!

Teen-friendly coaching

Let’s face it, they can be a tough crowd to impress. Which is why we send in the big guns. Pro Rider is delivered by experienced teen-friendly coaches who know how to bring their A game.

Age matters

If your teens would rather not be seen with their parents (we’ve all been there!), and prefer skiing with people their own age then Pro Rider is just the ticket. Strictly for 13-17yr olds ready to shred.

Peak Weeks

Christmas & New Year: 19th December 2021 – 1st January 2022
February Half Term: 13th – 26th February 2022
Easter: 27th March – 16th April 2022
  • 5 day
  • Mon-Fri
  • 9.00 for 4.5hrs
  • 13 – 17yrs
  • Level 6
  • 460
  • 6 day
  • Sun-Fri
  • Sun: 11.30 for 2hrs, Mon – Fri: 9.00 for 4.5hrs
  • 13 – 17yrs
  • Level 6
  • 510

Non-Peak Weeks

  • 5 day
  • Mon – Fri
  • 9.00/9.15 for 3hrs
  • 13 – 17yrs
  • Level 6
  • 350
  • 6 day
  • Sun – Fri
  • 9.00/9.15 for 3hrs
  • 13 – 17yrs
  • Level 6
  • 420

Find your teen’s ski level

Check your teen’s ski level

Not quite sure what level your teen’s skiing at? To check their ski level and find out if Pro Rider is suitable for them, take a look at our level 6 ski video to help you decide.

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