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Ski instructors carrying torches in Courchevel

Each year Courchevel hosts an international fireworks competition, from the middle of February till the middle of March. This ‘pyrotechnics festival’ is a competition with a series of spectacular fireworks displays, where specialist companies from different countries compete for the title of best in show.

Courchevel International Fireworks

Fireworks in Courchevel, France

Fireworks dazzle crowds at Le Praz, Courchevel

Over 8,000 spectators watch the show, and we’re also treated to live music and traditional mulled wine. For New Generation ski instructors it’s a chance to put your skiing-in-the-dark to the test. We provide instructors who create a torch lit procession with other local ski schools, down the piste, just before the fireworks start.

Ski instructors in torch light descent

Winding our way back to resort by torchlight

There’s a bit of a tradition among the ski schools as well. For us, there’s a shot of limoncello at the top of the piste before we ski down – and everyone’s trying really hard not to get soot (or burn marks) on our lovely uniforms!

This year the countries invited to take part were Romania, Poland, France and Spain, with the theme of ‘NUPTIALE PARADE’ or Wedding March. The last event (on Tuesday) was hosted by Spain and we reckon they put on quite a show. Even the smallest members of the audience enjoyed themselves!

On Thursday there’ll be a prize giving for the ‘best pyrotechnic performance’ of the season. It’s announced in Courchevel before a big party on the piste.

For more info check out the Courchevel Tourism Office.

Ski instructors carrying torches in Courchevel

Big smiles and flaming torches as we set off