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Off-piste not your thing? Red and black runs a bit too much sometimes? We know how you feel. Sometimes, a nice cruisy day along green and blue runs with a few nice breaks along the way is all we’re looking for. Have the perfect day on the mountain without wearing yourself out. Here’s our recommendation for a perfect blue runs, cruisy kind of day on the blues in Courchevel 1850.

Cruisin’ the Blues in Courchevel

Head up Verdons gondola from the main station in Courchevel 1850 first thing and take a nice cruise down the green run to warm up your legs. From there, take the Jardin Alpin bubble up, pass the mid-station, and get off at the top. From there you can get a nice long blue run in. Head down the blue run that goes behind Pralong chair and turns into a secret blue run called Cospillot. This windy blue run through the trees is often empty and a scenic route that brings you out on the blue run Stade, down into 1550.

Beginner Pistes in Courchevel

Empty, rolling, perfectly pisted terrain.

Take a rest while you take in the views

Take the Tovets chair up from 1550 and head right at the top as you cruise along the green run to Plantrey chair. This chair will bring you up onto the crest between Courchevel and La Tania. Situated here is a lovely restaurant called La Soucoupe. Pop in here for a cheeky chocolate chaud to warm up whilst enjoying the view. Or if you’re feeling hungry and are ready to splurge, indulge in the restaurant’s cote de beouf – it is not to be missed!

A few more runs & a sunny spot

After a good rest, follow the blue run Anemones, and then the green Loze Est back towards 1850. Go to the Biollay chairlift and take it up. At the top, follow Biollay’s blue run down to Pralong chair. Take Pralong chair up and head left at the top to follow Pralong down and then to the green piste Bellecotte, which will bring you to Courcheneige. This hotel and restaurant situated right on the piste has a large decking area and huge fire pit – perfect for soaking up the sun and sipping on something nice. If you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch they have a snack shop which offers paninis, fries and other small dishes for reasonable prices.

drinks courcheneige courchevel

Drinks at Courcheneige. Picture from

A final few runs

If you’re keen for a few more runs before you end your day, ski back down to the main gondola station and take Verdons bubble. If you’re too pooped, skip right over the après section and finish your day off properly!

A the top of Verdons get out and jump into the Vizzelle gondola and get to the very top of Courchevel. Snap a photo on the top! The views are stunning up there. Finish off the day with a big cruise down the long blue run Creux – it’s one of the best runs in Courchevel, we think! Pass the first set of chairlifts you see and keep going all the way down. Get on the chairlift on your left, Aguille du Fruit, to head back up. From there you can take the blue Altiport run all the way back down into 1850.


And then finish your day off with an après beer or two at the Ku De Ta. It’s located right in the center of Courchevel 1850, sitting left of the piste as you go under the tunnel and Chenus gondola. You’ll often find bands on here and with reasonably priced beers and a nice patio to sit on, it’s the perfect place to end a bluesy cruisy kind of day.

Interested in making a day of it in Courchevel 1850? Check out the piste map to plan your route.

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