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Family chair lift rides

Looking forward to getting away on a ski trip as a family? Family ski trips are a great way to spend time together, and we know how important it is to make the most of that time. We have compiled this handy guide on how to keep your family happy on the ski slopes resulting in your best holiday yet.

Whether you are a family of beginners or a family of experienced skiers, a ski holiday can be a little daunting. We understand it can be difficult to keep everyone happy. So here is some advice on how to structure your days to make the most of family time on the slopes.

Keep your Family Happy on the Ski Slopes:

Kids ski lessons


Planning is key to a fun, jam-packed ski holiday. By booking ahead on lessons, travel, activities and more you avoid disappointment. Planning and preparing will allow yourself to spend the time away with your family enjoying yourselves instead of needless worrying. But it is also vital to remember that sometimes things don’t go to plan, so starting your holiday with an open mind is always a good idea.

Resort- Whilst planning for your ski holiday, you need to choose a resort suited to your family’s needs. This can be difficult as there is so much choice in the Alps alone. If you are traveling with children and/or beginners it is vital to choose a resort with plenty of beginners/ kids areas.

Clothing- Out on the slopes, it is necessary to be dressed appropriately. This is something we suggest you don’t skimp on as the mountain environment can be harsh. Do a little research to find out what you should be wearing to keep your family warm and dry. The weather can change dramatically in the mountains, so you can’t always rely on the weather forecast. It is better to be prepared for all weather conditions to avoid feeling too cold or too hot. This will keep everyone happy. We advise that you layer for skiing so that items of clothing can be taken off or put on. For more details, we have a Ski Trip Packing List

Travel- Most ski resorts are not neighboring to the airport/train station, so remember you will need a transfer to the resort. It is a good idea to bring snacks, water, and entertainment for the family. Some classic small card games like Uno and Dobble will keep the whole family entertained for hours. If you allow your children to have an iPad or similar, you can download games and films before you leave to watch at any time where there isn’t any wifi. Top tip- Buy a headphone splitter so you can all listen to a movie together.

Practice-  If you are lucky enough to live close to an Indoor Snow Centre, then it is a good idea to have a go before you head out to the fluffy stuff. Some examples are Chel-Ski (London) and Chill Factor (Manchester).  This is important for first-timers so they can get mentally and physically prepared for the change in the environment.

Adult ski lessons

Be Patient

Teaching your own family can be taxing. Children are less likely to listen to their parents so an instructor should be introduced (they are professionals after all!). Our instructors are cool, fun and easy to chat with, so your kids will be in a safe, engaging environment. But be patient, as it may take some people longer to pick things up than others. After a few lessons they will be up to speed, so watch out!

Book lessons Group classes are a great way to build up confidence and will help you enjoy your holiday. Even just a few hours with a New Generation Instructor will give you some handy hints and tips on what to work on whilst you’re out on the slopes. By putting your children into lessons they have the ability to develop skills, make friends and have a feeling of independence. If you don’t fancy a group lesson then a private might be better suited to you. Private lessons are very flexible and are tailored to your individual needs. We do suggest that adults and children learn separately due to the instructor customizing their lesson and feedback in different ways between the two.

Morning lessons- By taking a lesson in the morning you can make the most of family time on the slopes by skiing together in the afternoon. If the whole family is up and moving due to their morning lessons it will make it easier for you to all travel around the mountain. We can guarantee you will feel so proud of your family when they show you their achievements from their earlier lessons. It is also really important to practice the skills learned to really ingrain them in your memory.

Family ski- Gather your family together and plan a route on the piste map of where you want to go. Let the kids choose some runs and give them some independence on where they are and how to be safe on the slopes. Maybe start with the slopes they conquered in their morning lessons and go from there.

Top Tip: Make sure you stop for a hot chocolate or a vin chaud to rest your legs and enjoy the atmosphere of the quaint alpine restaurants. If you’re heading to Morzine this Winter you can drool over the 6 Best Restaurants in Morzine before you go!

Skiing with your family in the fun park


Have fun! If the panoramic views and the fresh crisp air isn’t enough for you to let your hair down, then we don’t know what is! A ski holiday is a perfect balance between exercise, learning, family time and freedom. As most people only go on a ski holiday once a year, you really need to embrace it all. Bring out your inner child and feel free whilst sliding down the perfect pistes. This infectious attitude will rub off on everyone, to make the most of family time on the ski slopes.

Kids Fun Parks- Most resorts will have specific “Fun Parks” which are areas designed for children to play whatever their ability. Meribel has one of the best kids areas in the 3 Valleys. There can be igloos, luge tracks, rollers, slalom courses, and little jumps. To mix things up a bit head to the park and learn a new skill like learning to slide on a box. You could take some snacks and water to enjoy at a picnic area nearby, so the kids can lap and rehydrate too. This is a super fun activity for both parents and kids in recognizing the importance of play in the snow!

Non-skiing activities- Instead of heading straight to après-ski why not try a new activity suitable for the whole family. Many resorts have ice rinks, sledding, dog sledding, climbing and much more. This is a fantastic way to bring everyone together after a day on the slopes. These activities allow you to bond as a family and catch up on highlights of the day. If you’re heading to Verbier this winter, check out the top things to do for non-skiers in Verbier. It could even be a simple as going for a crepe and a hot chocolate to reconnect after the busy day. Especially during school holidays, resorts across Europe will put on plenty of events to keep the kids entertained.

Après-ski- A great way to meet up with family & maybe friends from your ski lesson after a day on the slopes.  If your children are a bit older then why not go and enjoy some live music? Enjoy a little boogie in your ski boots!

Skiing with your family

After your holiday

Why don’t you sift through your go-pro footage or camera roll to create an album to show your friends and family? Instead of just zapping them over on WhatsApp, have a dinner party to share your experiences. This is such a fun way for the kids to show what they learned and remember how you made the most of family time on the ski slopes.

Or if you’re more of a tech whizz-kid you could upload them to Instagram or facebook. If you tag us @skinewgen or #skinewgen

A ski holiday is for everybody, no matter their age or ability. Ski lessons give the trip purpose and structure enabling you to keep your family happy on the ski slopes. All it takes is little planning and then leave the rest up to us. We’ll see you on the slopes!

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