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OK, so maybe a shoestring is over egging it slightly. But with a little creativity and pre-planning you can still holiday in some of the finest ski resorts, while on a budget. Admitedly you can spend a fortune skiing in Courchevel or Verbier. And that’s the point for some; and the lure for some of the wealthier visitors. But for the everyday Joe, fret not, help is at hand. Follow these tips and you really can enjoy ski holidays on a shoestring.

Skiing in Verbier

How to plan a ski holiday

Choose your time wisely.

Skiing at New Year or half term is never going to be cheap. But there are some great deals to be had for Christmas breaks as well as January deals. Although January might be a little nippy, the slopes are desserted and the snow is generally really good so what’s not to like about a ski break to kick off the New Year!

Ski with friends.

OK, so this isn’t always an option but savings are normally made if you book as a group. Some chalet companies offer deals if you fill the chalet, apartments are cheaper the more of you that stay and spliting the costs of travels gets better with more bums on seats. All of which is pretty obvious but savings do add up. On top of this though some lift companies offer cheaper lift passes for groups. For example, in the 3 Valleys, the Duo pass offers savings for two or more people buying a week’s pass, and the Tribu pass offers savings for groups of three or more.

Make the most of chalet wine.

Drinks aren’t always cheap in resort so if you’re staying in a chalet make the most of the limitless wine which usually accompanies dinner. But be warned it finishes once pud is cleared so fill your glasses. If you’re in an apartment all is not lost however, as happy hour and drink deals are more often found while chalet folk are eating dinner. Cheers!

Stock up in advance.

If you’re staying in an apartment or self-catering then be sure to stock up at the bottom of the mountain where food is cheaper. Even chalet guests can benefit from some forward planning though. A few chocolate bars in the bottom of your suitcase can save you some cash when you need a sugar rush. And don’t even think about buying your sun scream or lipbalm in resort. Forward planning my friends.

skiing on a budget

Fill your pockets.

Lunch on the slopes can be frighteningly expensive. There are some reasonable eateries but on the whole you will pay through the nose for the stunning vista, clouded by the steamed up windows. So if you want to save some pennies for a vin chaud at apres grab yourself a baguette and fill it with a breakfast banger. Then Bob’s your uncle, a feast for a king for less than 1€!

So there you have it, our top tips to make the most of your holiday without breaking the bank. What have we missed? Any other tips or ideas to share with your fellow skiers? Add them in the comments below and we’ll add them to the blog and share the wealth!