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We’ve figured out a few hacks over the years to help make our days on the slopes more enjoyable. Whether it’s protecting our gear, or taking care of ourselves, sometimes the little things make all the difference. Check out our super easy and quick ski tips that will make your ski holiday that much smoother.

7 Quick Ski Tips

1. Keep your phone on your body to save battery life

Anyone who’s been skiing in the last five years knows the smart phone struggle. You’ve got 80% battery life on your phone, but as soon as you pull it out of your jacket, it turns off. The cold weather slows down the conversion process to electrical energy, resulting in less overall capacity (Time magazine). 

The best ways to help save that battery life is to keep it close to your body in an inside layer pocket. Also, keep the mountain pics to a minimum! The more times you pull it out in the cold air, the quicker the battery will die.

2. Pipe insulation to protect skis in transit

Protecting your skis in transit is key, so that you end up in resort with your skis in as good of condition as they were before you got on your flight. Try wrapping your skis and tips of the poles in pipe insulation. It splits really easily so you can slide it over the edge of your skis. And it actually does double duty to protect your bag from ripping, as well as any other gear you pack in your ski bag from getting caught or sliced on your edges (they are that sharp, right?).

3. Put the ski patrol number in your phone

A precautionary measure that hopefully you don’t have to use. However, if something does happen on the mountain, you’ll be glad you can quickly pull up ski patrol’s number, and get them to assist you as soon as possible.

4. Keep your goggles away from humidity

Warm, wet air causes goggles to fog up. So placing your goggles on top of your wet hat or helmet can lead to fog issues! They need dry air in order to de-fog them. If you’re on the hill, your best bet is to find a hand dryer and put them under it. After a day skiing though, set them next to a radiator (not ON the radiator). They should dry out fully overnight and me moisture and fog-free the next morning.

5. Kitchen roll soaks up moisture in GoPro

Yes, your waterproof camera can fog up, and it’s frustrating. If there are any traces of moisture or humidity in your GoPro case, which can easily happen when skiing, it can cause fogging. To prevent your footage having a foggy frame around it, use kitchen roll inside the case to help absorb the moisture. Although you can buy “GoPro anti fog inserts”, kitchen roll is a cheaper option, and you probably already have some in the house!

Cut some kitchen roll into strips about 3″ wide, then fold that in half and cut it into small squares. You can then insert the squares around the edges of the camera, between the camera and the case. You’ll probably need 3-6 pieces, and voila! Moisture will be absorbed whilst you’re out on the mountain.Check out the video here of how to do it.

6. Cut your toe nails

Seems simple and straightforward but can so easily be forgotten! Ski boots are snug, and the last thing you want at the end of your week is a black toenail, or rather yet, no toenail at all. Be sure to clip them short before you spend a week on the slopes, so that you’re not getting any extra pressure on them.

7. Use tea bags to dry out your boots

Yep, tea bags. If you don’t happen to have boot dryers in your ski holiday accommodation, you’ve got to get creative to dry out those boots each evening. Bring along a few tea bags with you, and stick them in your boots at the end of the day to help absorb any dampness. You can also take your boot liners out of your boots to help them air out more quickly.

Have any other ski tips or hacks that you swear by? We’d love to add more to our list. Let us know in the comments below.