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Why Your Ski Holiday Never Goes To Plan

The perfect ski holiday.

Everyone dreams about the snow capped mountains, mulled wine by the open fire and sunny lunches on the mountain. Yet somehow something always seems to go wrong. You end up with more faff than relax on your ski holiday. And we’ve seen it all. But we’ve got a few tips on how to avoid common mistakes and ensure your ski holiday goes to plan this winter year.

Why Your Ski Holiday Never Goes to Plan

You waited until the last minute to book everything

Ended up with a 7am flight out of Gatwick? All the 9am lessons booked up? Stuck with the most scratched up pair of skis the rental shop has? Got a 9:30pm restaurant booking on chalet night off?

When it comes to ski holidays, some things are better booked early.

Although the temptation is to wait for a last minute deal can be enticing, keep in mind that you’ll have more limited options of, well, everything. If you want to spend less time faffing and more time relaxing, best to book in advance!

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Your weather expectations were way too high

If you’re banking on a week of fresh powder days or a week of blue skies (or both!) you’re going to be disappointed. Trust me, we wake up every morning praying for fresh snow to have fallen in the night and the clouds to have parted. But in reality, weather is unpredictable, especially in the mountains.

Sometimes perfect weather is just not meant to be.

Come prepared for any type of weather, no matter what time of year. Keep an open minded and know that although a huge dump of snow would make your holiday a little bit more Instagram-able, it doesn’t have to make or break your holiday.


You got injured

Sorry to bring up the big scary ‘i’ word, but if you’re not careful, injuries can happen.

Ease back into skiing at the start of the week. If you haven’t been on the slopes for a year, know that your body needs to get back into the swing of things, so take it slow the first day or two. Make sure your bindings are on the right setting for your weight & ability, so if you do take a tumble, they pop right off. And be sure to take breaks & hydrate throughout the day so that you are in tip top shape. And hey, there’s no shame in taking the gondola down at the end of the day!

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Your accommodation is 100 miles from the piste

Okay maybe not quite 100 miles, but it honestly feels like it when you’re wearing all your kit, skis in hand and perhaps towing along two miniature skiers with you.

Do a bit of research into the logistics of your resort. How easily accessible is the piste? What is the layout of the resort? Do they offer a frequent bus service? Does your accommodation provide any in-resort lifts?

This is all about setting your expectations. Some people don’t mind a walk, others would prefer to not have to faff. Whatever yoru preference, know what you’re getting into beforehand.

You let your husband teach you how to ski

Or wife or boyfriend or whoever that person was who convinced you to give it a go. We know they love you dearly and have the best intentions but it doesn’t always end well! There is a reason there are qualified professionals to do the job.

Although it may seem like a good way to save some money, when you’re frustrated with yourself and your significant other, all of a sudden there’s a damper on your holiday. And truly, the last thing we want is for someone to go away with a negative feeling towards skiing. If everyone could just catch the ski bug while they’re out in the Alps, that’d be great – thank you very much!

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In reality, life isn’t perfect, and neither is every single ski holiday. Come prepared and with an open mind and positive attitude and whatever mishaps there may be, just brush them off and remember you are in some of the most stunning places in the world – the Alps!