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The beginning of the year is the time for fresh starts.

Normally these involve eating less chocolate or going to the gym more. But fresh starts don’t have to be limited to your typical new year’s resolutions. Fresh starts can take on different formats, and one of those can be skiing. Want to liven up your ski holidays and habits a bit? Try one of these new ideas to mix it up this year.

6 Fresh Ski Ideas to Try This Winter

1. Explore a new resort

If you’re a ski holiday veteran, you’ve likely found a resort you absolutely love. You know the runs, the restaurants, the best places to stay, and you feel comfortable there.

But why not head somewhere different this year? Get out of that comfort zone and explore an entirely new resort. Maybe you want to head to Austria for the first time and devour some of that strudel? You’re bound to find other delicious restaurants and amazing pistes that you never knew existed. Life’s too short to not explore more of what’s out there.

2. Share skiing with a non-skier friend or family member

Do you have a friend or family member who has never tried skiing? And doesn’t understand why you head off on a COLD holiday each and every winter? Show them what they’ve been missing out on, and bring them along on your next ski holiday. If they’re being difficult to convince, maybe this article can help convince them.

Or invite someone along who has never even thought about going on a ski holiday. Whether they end up falling in love with skiing or not, they’re bound to enjoy the snow, see some stunning scenery, and hopefully eat some yummy food with good friends and family.

3. Give ski touring or split boarding a go

Ski touring and split boarding have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. A few of the perks include a good workout, a chance to explore parts of the resort you couldn’t otherwise, get away from the people on the pistes, learn a new skill, earn your turns…and we could go on for days.

If those people hiking up the mountain have ever piqued your interest and wondered what’s the fuss all about – this is your year to try it. We offer a 2-day course, learning the basics on day one and then heading out on a true adventure on the second day. And who knows, you might even get hooked!

Touring in Tignes

4. Take a different route

If you’re familiar with a ski resort and stay in the same area each year, you likely know how to get around. You have the same route you take to get from one end of the resort to another. But usually, there’s more than one way to get there. Take a different route home for the day. Explore the pistes you usually avoid. Whip out the piste map and find a spot you’ve never been, and purposely head there. It’s so easy to get stuck in our ways and do what’s familiar and comfortable, but a simple change up of ski route can be a small adventure to mix up your day.

5. Oust those bad habits you’ve been holding onto

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably developed some bad ski habits over the years. We are guilty all the same, and sometimes it takes a professional to look at your skiing and let you know where you can improve. Even the leather-faced mountain goats can benefit from a refresher lesson, to help polish up their skills. New year, new ski habits.

New Generation Ski School Adult Group Lessons

6. Focus on your ski technique outside of lesson time

Every instructor will tell you to continue working on the techniques and skills you learned in the lesson, outside of the lesson. But we know how easy it is to forget! When you’re out with friends, having a good day on the slopes, it’s easy to forget about your technique and everything you’ve been working so hard to improve. Take that extra second to think about what you’re doing, keep working on ironing out those bad habits, and make all the info you’ve learned in your lesson go far.

Take advantage of the year ticking over, a new year and a time for fresh starts. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose.