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No snow all of December.

There are articles all over the internet with dreadful write ups about the state of the Alps, and how we’ve barely had a sprinkling of snow in the past month. All these dooms-day articles are getting people worried about their holiday and the conditions, and rightfully so. But the majority of people who have come out thus far have been pleasantly surprised. It’s not actually as bad as the Daily Mail made it out to be, and you can indeed ski all around the resorts. Read more

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We’ve enjoyed another sunny and warm week here in the Alps this March. With only a few cloudy days here and there, lots and lots of sun tanning has been happening. Surprisingly though, we have a bit more forecasted to come in tomorrow and possibly next week. Not a ton of snow by any means, but we’re happy with a dusting! Find out exactly what’s happening in your resort below. Read more


Well folks, spring skiing is here! Grab your sunnies and sun cream and get ready to bask in the glory that is the warm Alps sun! While the sun is out in full force, temperatures have stayed low which is keeping the pistes in good condition. There have also been a few flurries throughout the week giving a bit of a dusting over the mountain. We will just have to wait and see if the season brings us any more big dumps, but if not, we are happy to enjoy the sun and work on our goggle tans! Read more

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This might be the best week we’ve had in the Alps in a long time! If you love fresh snow (we do!) and sunshine (who doesn’t?) this is the perfect week for both. Over the weekend the snow didn’t seem to stop. From Thursday through Sunday and even Tuesday we received a lovely March dumping. Then the sunshine came out the last few days for some brilliant days on the mountain. We’re always wanting more out here, but if we don’t get any more heavy snowfall this season, the pistes are good enough to last through April, which is all we really need. Bring out the sunnies, because spring is on it’s way! Read more

snow report march 3

Basically, it’s dumping down with white stuff. Read more

SNOW report

So far, this season has been an interesting one in regards to snowfall. We’ve had no snow, lots of snow, early warm weather, and lots of ups and downs throughout the winter season. As of now, snow has been falling in the Alps all day. Tomorrow just might be an amazing sunny day with all of this fresh snow to enjoy! And from there, we’ll be getting more and more snow over next week. Read more

Fresh Tracks in Serre Chevalier

Snow Report & What’s On for Half Term

The snow is back and more is due to come in through the next few days. It’s been snowing on and off the last couple days, which has been a lovely layer on the pistes. Everything should be in good condition for half term. And if you’re looking for a bit more to do at half term, find out what’s on for the kids in your resort as well. Read more

SNOW report

The snow has stopped and the sun has shone it’s face! After days of non-stop snow, temperatures stayed low and the sun has come out. Amazing conditions around all of the Alps with blue skies & nice pistes. Find your resort below for some local information. Read more

SNOW report

Snow Report in the Alps

After some unwanted rain at the end of last week, on Monday it turned to snow. We didn’t think it could dump more than last week, but the weather gods have answered skiers prayers. The snow is set to taper off a bit as the week goes on and hopefully give us a few clear skies. Temperatures are set to stay low so the snow won’t be going anywhere. Until then, we’ll take cloudy, snowy days as long as it means the pistes are nice and off-piste is getting more of what it needs. Getting first lifts and skiing down a groomed piste with a foot of powder on top of it – we seriously can’t think of anything better. Read more

Snow Report

Snow Report in the Alps

Finally! After a long, dry December, the Alps has been covered with a dumping and it’s already started again! These last few days have been some of the best we’ve seen on the mountain in a long time. We’ve been waking up in a dreamy state each morning to see that fresh snow has fallen all night. With groomed pistes topped with a layer of white fluffy stuff and off-piste starting to look better and better (please, still take caution) there really couldn’t be a better time to be out skiing. We’re scrambling each morning to try and get first lifts to enjoy a full day of what mother nature brought us! Read more