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Are you left feeling disappointed and self-critical after your ski holiday? Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we all get nervous. Learning how to deal with these nerves to overcome challenges is what makes skiing so rewarding. In this article, we’re going to share our 9 tips for nervous skiers so you can calm your nerves. By relaxing your mind and body, you will have a much better experience on the slopes. We want to help you transform your skiing from being cautious to confident.

Advice for Nervous Skiers – 9 Tips

Are you already worrying about how to survive your next ski holiday? Does the very thought of skiing create a feeling of anxiety? We would like to share some top tips from our expert Ski with Confidence Coach, Louise Pode of ProAbility Ltd, who works with our clients to enable them to overcome their nerves and fall in love with skiing.

 9 tips for nervous skiers:

  1. Practice in a snow-dome
  2. Create your own tribe
  3. Choose the right resort
  4. Avoid the crowds
  5. Build your confidence with a ski instructor
  6. Avoid skiing in poor light
  7. Create small achievable goals
  8. Be in the moment
  9. Learn at your own pace

Practice in a snow-dome

Here at New Generation, we believe the ideal scenario is to practice before you head out on the slopes. By learning in a relaxed, more familiar environment, you will be one step ahead before you’ve even got to resort.

Learning in a snow-dome allows you to understand the basics, get comfortable with the equipment and movements that will help you progress even more quickly once you’ve landed in the resort.

9 Tips for Nervous Skiers

Build confidence skiing

Create your own tribe

It’s so important to ski with others of your own ability. Make sure your skiing group has mixed abilities with someone of a similar standard for you to buddy up with on the slopes. There is nothing like feeling alone in your group to add to the anxiety.

One of our favourite tips for nervous skiers is to ski with friends who you are comfortable with. Nothing knocks your confidence more than feeling like everyone around you is much better and that you’re holding up the group.

Skiing should be fun, so don’t take things too seriously. If you feel uncomfortable, choose to ski on a different slope. Don’t feel pressured by friends to ski the same slopes as your more advanced friends.

If you feel out of your comfort zone, then it might be an idea to choose a different route and meet them at the bottom of the run instead.

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Choose the right resort

Choosing a resort can be tricky, but it’s important to find one that is suitable for your level. Each ski resort is unique and will have a variety of easy, intermediate and advanced pistes labelled with the colours green, blue, red and black.

With green and blue being the easiest, and red and black more challenging. For nervous skiers, we suggest aiming for the blue and green slopes that are gentle and wide. This will make you feel more comfortable and will help to boost your confidence.

Nowadays most ski resorts are tailored to everyone’s needs, especially beginners. So there is usually a mixture of pistes for every level of skier. If you are looking for the best resorts for beginners or the best resorts for intermediates then make sure you check out the piste map to ensure there will be the most terrain possible for you to learn on.


Best ski resorts for beginners

Avoid the crowds

Even the calmest of skiers can become anxious on crowded slopes. If you have a holiday booked for peak season why not use a ski guide to take you to the quieter parts of the resort.

Hit the mountain early! Another top tip for avoiding crowds is to get out early or to ski around lunch time. Most people have a leisurely breakfast and don’t hit to slopes until 11am, meaning you’ve got two hours of quieter slopes to make the most of!

Around lunch time, between 12-3 most people make their way to the sun terraces and restaurants to take a break and fill up on yummy mountain food. So this created a prime opportunity to explore whilst the slopes are a bit quieter.

It’s also worth looking at a piste map to find other runs if the main pistes in the resort get a bit congested. Explore a little further and you might be surprised to find some perfect pistes for your ability, just across the mountain.

2 skiers learning how to ski

Build your confidence with a ski instructor

Build your confidence with a ski instructor who can ensure you ski on runs aligned with your ability and support you to overcome your nerves.

If you are apprehensive about learning to ski then you need to find an instructor who you trust and feel at ease with. When booking your lessons, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, to ask for some advice on who will be the best instructor for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as this will benefit you greatly. We’re on the phone year-round and our customer support team knows our instructors well. We have lots of experience in pairing the right people together, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

By finding an instructor that you trust, you will build your confidence skiing.

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Avoid skiing in poor light

Skiing in poor light increases anxiety so when planning your holiday consider which times of the season are better for sunshine and great visibility.

We all naturally lean back and feel apprehensive when it’s difficult to make out anything on the slopes in front of you. Take the fear and anxiety out of your day and head back to the chalet or apartment. Don’t give into peer pressure and ski all the way home if you don’t feel in control.

Don’t be afraid to take the bus or gondola down the mountain, if that’s the way you’ll feel most comfortable. You have to remember your ability level, and ensure you feel confident and in control.

how to ski parallel

Tips for skiing in bad visibility

Set small achievable goals each day

Create small achievable goals every day and don’t be too ambitious. Make sure you take time to stop for a break to reflect on your achievements. You will feel mini senses of accomplishment throughout your week if you break things up into small bite-sized chunks.

Remember to breathe and smile. We believe it’s about giving yourself little wins along the way, that helps build your confidence and remind yourself that you are doing well. Practise really does makes perfect, when it comes to skiing. The more time on skis, the bigger the gains you will make.

How to ski parallel

Start your day right

Whether you’re learning to stop, trying to ski in parallel or standing at the top of your first black run, we all feel nervous at times. So we like to start the day on a familiar slope to warm up.

Trying to tackle the hardest slope first thing in the morning is never a good idea. So make sure you to start the day right, on familiar terrain. Give yourself this little confidence boost to ensure you start as you mean to go on. We know from experience, your body will be thanking you later for those morning warm-up laps.

skiing parallel

Skiing is a sensual sport

Another idea you can try is to visualise what you’re going to do. By pausing at the top of a tricky section, you allow yourself time to focus on the task ahead. Relax your shoulders, inhale with deep breaths and make a plan on how you are going to get down the slope in the most efficient way.

You could even get a friend to video you, so you can see what the ski instructor is talking about and that will help you visualise what you should be doing. That way, you have something to show your friends when you tell them how much you improved.

Concentrate on the skiing sensations

A lot of your nerves can come from overthinking and underestimating your ability. Aim to focus on exhilarating feelings to keep you calm.

  • Flow
  • Fresh air on your face
  • Glide
  • Grip

This will help you to enjoy the feeling of sliding on the snow. Sometimes we all have a little skid but avoid focusing on it and you’ll stay at ease on the slopes.

how to ski parallel

Be in the moment

When you’re feeling anxious remember you’re here to enjoy yourself and calm your inner voice with techniques such as deep breathing and mindfulness.

Remember where you are – the beauty of the mountains and exhilaration of being in fresh air and use that positivity of the moment to overcome your anxiety.

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