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APPS, APPS, APPS! It can be hard to stay on top of all the new apps being developed each day. And if you’re looking for some helpful and high-tech tools for the mountain there are a number of apps to choose from. Two years ago we wrote about some of our favourite ski apps. We’re here to give a review and run down of how those apps are still performing and also share some new ones we love.

Ski Apps Review

A run-down of our old-loved apps.

Ski and Snow Report AppSki & Snow Report 4/5****

This app is simple and easy to use with clear and accurate resort information. It provides first-hand info from people in-resort, but this can also be annoying as people like to share how the weather was last week (not helpful!). Also you cannot customize your location for the biggest snow fall locations, so you might get some from the US or Canada where that won’t help you much on your holiday in France or Switzerland! Overall though, strong app that is easy to use.


iTrail Map AppiTrail Map & iTrail Map Pro 2.5/5**

An app that does what it advertises: provides ski maps. But, it needs an update – some maps haven’t been updated in a long time and lifts and runs do change and others are low resolution. Also there seem to be quite a bit of adds now popping up. The free version works smoothly but the Pro version with the 3D maps is not worth it. They are a bit misleading and aren’t as helpful as you would hope.


Peak Finder App

Peak Finder 4.5/5****

Super smooth with excellent interface, and the most unique of the ski apps that we have tried. If you want to know what peaks are around you, this is for you. If that does not interest you, not for you. Simple as that! The fact that it works offline is a plus. One downside, the PeakFinder database still needs more peaks added to it as some are missing. We like this one!


Action Shot AppActionShot 3/5***

This app creates an action video quite easily and you can move around the app easily. What isn’t easy is editing the videos – you need to build up your skills on this a bit. Also this app isn’t totally free. For HD and the option to edit later you have to pay for an upgrade.



Ski Phone AppSkiPhone 3/5***


Use your phone without taking those gloves off! We love the fact that we can keep our fingers warmer with this app. It would be more useful with some extra features such as video option and volume control. We love this app concept but just wish it would get a bit more TLC to function a bit more smoothly with extra features. Hint hint SkiPhone…


Now for the new apps we’re digging.

Ski Tracks AppSki Tracks

Ski Tracks records a lot of your skiing data including your max speed, ski distance, ski vertical, altitude, number of runs, degree of slope & total time skiing. It also has a map that will map out where all your runs were on the mountain. This is said to be battery-friendly – aka your phone won’t die! And can be used without cellular data or phone signal. For a simple interface with a lot of great data, we highly recommend Ski Tracks.


Mammut Safety App

Mammut Safety

Ride risk-free! If you want to avoid accidents and know you can get fast mountain rescue, this is the app for you. It has a risk check to quickly define the level of risk on location and also includes an SOS function to communicate your GPS data to the regional rescue services. Along with links to all the avalanche bulletins worldwide, you can get higher endorphins with lower risk.


Ski TrailMaps AppSki TrailMaps

This app gives you ski trail maps from all over the world. You can download the ones you need to your phone and access them without cell service. Allows you to see the topography of the mountain, piste names, and safety patrol stops along the mountain. It also gives you the ability to see resorts near you. If you upgrade to the Pro version you can also access webcams and snow reports.


Snow-Forecast app

A snow forecast app that gives extensive information. It has 3 forecasts for each resort at different elevations. Finds the resorts nearest to you and you can also create a list of favorites. With sunrise and sunset, snow and rainfall, temperature and wind speed, this app gives a lot of information and helps you find that snow!




Have any other apps that you keep handy on the mountain? Have any reviews of our new app recommendations? Let us know in the comment below. And let’s bring on the snow…