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It’s a new year, and while there are plenty of new holiday ideas to get stuck into, it’s also a great time to update your skiing equipment.

Every intense sport has its fair share of technological innovations, new kit and fresh gadgets, and skiing is no exception. With the winter season firmly upon us, it’s time to assess the best of the latest ski tech releases.

We’ve piled together a list of the top ski tech for 2018. If you’re looking for the next vital accessory or latest product to add to your collection, look no further!

Top Skiing Tech for 2018

The DJI Mavic Pro

Looking for something to get you those ideal aerial shots among the mountain tops?

This DJI Mavic Pro looks to make landscape photos a breeze, with 24 high-performance computing cores and a transmission system featuring a 7km range. Its big selling point is its size – you’ll be able to fit it into your pocket, rather than a heavy weight backpack.

It has four, foldable wings, with movable rotors that can be reduced in size. Its remote is also smaller than most other drones available and, unlike previous DJI models, has a small LCD screen that allows navigation without use of the accompanying ski tech

The Lifesystems Intensity 105 Headtorch

Speaking of safety, this small and compact head torch packs a punch in brightness without compromising on mobility. Weighing 41g and utilising 105 lumens of light in one white XP-G2 Cree LED, this is a great tool for increasing visibility during those evening ski sessions.

Three different settings allow for adjustments to be made in light intensity, with a range of up to 45 metres and two night-vision front red LEDS. SOS mode is also featured, which can be switched from flash mode in case of emergency. Up to 21 hours of battery life can be used on full charge, with a USB cable provided for mobile charging.

An option for those on a budget, and a useful gadget you’ll definitely need, this is a nifty head torch at an affordable price.

The Integrated Avalanche System

A modern take on essential safety, the Integrated Avalanche System looks to provide skiers with much needed provisions that could save lives. It’s activated using a single handle and utilises a light, high-volume avalanche-airbag and breathing system.

It’s the first of its kind to draw oxygen from surrounding snow should the user be buried under an avalanche. Valves separate fresh, breathable air from exhaled carbon dioxide, while a tube drains the CO2.

It boasts an inflation time of 3 seconds and weights 1.2kg, making it one of the lightest available. Make sure to have this packed and ready if you’re treading into avalanche-prone territory, and remember to stay safe!

top ski technology

OutdoorTech Chips 2.0

If a soundtrack to your skiing sessions is what you’re after, Outdoor Tech might have the thing you need this year. With their latest iteration of their Chips headphones you can enjoy Bluetooth, wireless speakers that won’t get in your way as you descent down the mountain sides.

Featuring control buttons that let you command a variety of functions including switch, select, pause and play. There’s also a rechargeable battery, ten hours of wireless charge and a built in microphone for mobile communication. It can resist temperatures as low as -20C, and comes with a USB cable for on-the-go charging capabilities.

This latest headphone set is worth a look if you’re a particularly music junky in need of a fix during your holidays.

GoPro Hero 6

GoPro is well established as being the industry leader when it comes to portable, outdoor action cameras. The Hero 6 perhaps cements that status more so than ever. With new additions that build on previous models and updated hardware, this latest incarnation of the GoPro aims to silence its competition.

You can now record at 1080p and 4k, with audio recording capabilities available underwater. You’ll find GPS included, with geotagging for any photos you take and a logged location map for everywhere you’ve visited. There’s also a two-inch touchscreen panel with improved image quality over preceding GoPro models.

Another fresh feature is the ability to automatically send footage from your camera straight to your phone, and a computer-generated QuikStory that edits your clips for you into a digestible montage.

If you’re in need of a high quality, durable camera that’ll tolerate outdoor exposure and wear, GoPro Hero 6 looks to be the camera to beat in 2018.

top ski tech

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